Eyes wide open.

Final Reflection


This course very fittingly served as my last undergraduate class at Mary Washington. It encompassed many of the things that I’ve grown to love about UMW.  I loved the micro-community our classroom became over the semester. It was a place where we shared both our insights and frustrations, as well as a couple of laughs. We were free to discuss and ponder. We had the choice of getting engaged in the course or merely coasting by.

I also felt this course appropriately capped my economics major. In my opinion, it helped fill in the gaps between all of the economics courses I had taken. I’ve learned that economics, as any field does, evolves. It is not a set of unyielding theories that are never amenable to change. Ideas become en vogue, and others cycle out. This course helped me to analyze the field from a historical perspective, and to understand “the story” of economics and how the field got to where it is today.

Thanks Dr. Greenlaw for sculpting this seminar and encouraging thoughtful discussion this semester.

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